Aura Quartz Crystal


Crystal Geode Plated

These beautiful, sparkling aura quartz geodes are created by bonding different metal vapours to natural quartz.


Aura Quartz Crystal

These beautiful, sparkling aura quartz geodes are created by bonding different metal vapours to natural quartz.

What is an aura?

An aura is another word for “energy field”. Everyone carries this energy field. It consists of your thoughts, feelings and “energy”. For example, someone who is relaxed and happy has a different aura than someone who is full of anger. An aura reading professional can perceive and read an aura visually. Many other people read “auras” unconsciously. For example, you can tell from someone’s facial expression and posture how someone is feeling. And those who are sensitive will recognize the positive or negative energy that reigns in a person or in a certain space.

How is an aura quartz stone made?

You can recognize an aura quartz crystal by its special, oily shine and the typical crystal structure. The special aura quartz is made by placing the crystal in a space and covering it under high pressure with gold, silver and titanium. By carrying out this very precisely with the right material combinations, the crystal gets its special strength. This power is in the emission of certain vibrations, which for example give energy or help you with new insights!

What does an aura quartz stone help for?

The titanium aura quartz has the most important property that gives it energy. In addition, the crystal helps you to open your chakras (7 energy points). The power and energy of titanium aura quartz make this stone very suitable for busy periods. The titanium aura quartz can also support you afterwards, if you feel exhausted and you have lost yourself. In addition, this crystal stands for promoting humour and relaxation!

Titanium aura quartz; tips

The titanium aura crystal is best placed in a spot where you need her support. For one this is next to the bed, for the other this is in a place where you are creative.

Titanium aura quartz crystals are sensitive to water and sunlight. So try to avoid these to keep your crystal beautiful and powerful.


All crystals are different in shape, colour and size.

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